What is a Personal Yacht Manager?

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A Personal Yacht Manager is someone who provides administrative or technical professional services. Because they work remotely (or virtually), they could be located anywhere in the world whether it’s the same city as you or another country across the globe.

And Super Yacht Management ?

Superyacht is undoubtedly a luxury purchase and generally speaking the Owners understand what the term luxury means to them. In terms of managing the yacht this tends to translate into keeping the yacht looking in immaculate condition and being ready to go as and when the Owner wishes to use it. Whilst this is simple enough in general terms with superyacht being technically complex and working in a relatively hostile environment (the sea) meeting this expectation is not straightforward. Somebody somewhere will need to manage the Owners expectations as to what can and cannot be achieved. This is often, but not always, either the Captain or the nominated Yacht Manager. It is not possible to have the vessel looking immaculate and ready to go 365 days of the year. However it is the Yacht Managers job to make certain the owners Yacht is ready to go in all respects when and where he wants it.

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