Why hire a Remote Yacht Manager

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Until recently it might have sounded strange “Hire a manager remotely” But thinking about it The shore support of every shipping company has always done it. The software and ways of communicating have changed, but the management of a remote team is the same.

The time spent onboard is never enough for an owner and is reduced to four or five months a year.

But the attention that a yacht requires is daily and must be delegated to trained and experienced personnel in order to preserve its value. Not to mention the time necessary for them to coordinate administrative, technical, control and personnel management activities.

This is why you will be happy when you have found “the right person” who, in addition to having professional skills, must certainly respect trust, confidentiality and empathy. The qualities certainly to look for in your “good right arm” are Leadership, assertive communication, project management skills, team working promoter and responsible.
Where to find your Remote yacht manager? Contact us for a free consultation and we will be happy to introduce ourselves as best we can.

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