Yacht Management Basics: Yacht Accounting

Something less talked about when it comes to yachts is most definitely the topic of accounting, so why is it needed? Let’s discuss. Yachts as a whole tend to need a lot of work behind the scenes, and this wouldn’t be necessarily news to you if you are a part of the yachting industry, but […]

Why hire a Remote Yacht Manager

Until recently it might have sounded strange “Hire a manager remotely” But thinking about it The shore support of every shipping company has always done it. The software and ways of communicating have changed, but the management of a remote team is the same. The time spent onboard is never enough for an owner and […]

What is a Personal Yacht Manager?

A Personal Yacht Manager is someone who provides administrative or technical professional services. Because they work remotely (or virtually), they could be located anywhere in the world whether it’s the same city as you or another country across the globe. And Super Yacht Management ? Superyacht is undoubtedly a luxury purchase and generally speaking the […]